Change the colors of your city!

The presence of your brand in every street of the city

Innovative technology for outdoor mobile advertising.
Multiple levels of communications within a single media lease.

One vehicle - one brand - one message

Flaster platform allows you to quickly activate campaigns in the desired cities and simplifies the regional lease of outdoor areas. We have developed technology that tracks every car movement, showing brands detailed insights into campaign results. With the 360 ​​approach, surprise the audience with additional activations such as sampling inside the car.

How it works?

Understanding your needs

Determination of the objectives, duration and geographical area of ​​the agreed campaign.

Campaign customization

Tips for a creative solution: number and type of vehicle and wrapping methods.

Moving advertising

Preparation of creative premium materials and wrapping of selected vehicles.

Campaign analysis

Detailed reports of campaign results. From the display of impressions to the heatmap of the contacts made.

Flaster wrap options


Flaster is a new marketing communication channel intended for brands that want to take advantage of outdoor mobile advertising. We use digital tools to turn outdoor advertising into measurable digital data. The platform monitors the movements of drivers, daily routes, the number of impressions of people who happened to be in the vicinity of the car.

The first step is to understand the wishes and goals of the client. After that, we suggest the type of sticker, the number of cars and the duration of the campaign. When the client agrees to the proposal, we start finding the optimal drivers and vehicles that match the client's goals. Vehicle wrapping is usually carried out one to two days before the start of the campaign. After the wrapping, the vehicle is returned to the driver, who in the next few months, as long as the campaign lasts, promotes the client's brand with his daily driving.

Our partner vehicles are verified rideshare drivers who travel a minimum of 4,600 km per month. The vehicles are new (up to 5 years old) and without visible external damage.

The platform tracks the daily and monthly movement of the branded vehicle. It enables the tracking of kilometers traveled, the number of hours spent on the road, in the zones where the vehicle moved and stopped the most (thermal maps), the impression of pedestrians (number of people who happened to be nearby and saw the vehicle), demographic data of recorded contacts, digital retargeting of people who were found near the vehicle and sampling inside the vehicle and the appearance of branded vehicles at the agreed location/event.

If a traffic accident occurs, the driver immediately informs the Flaster team about the situation, and Flaster, at its own expense, wraps a replacement vehicle that takes over the advertisement until the end of the agreed campaign.

On a weekly basis, drivers upload pictures of the vehicle through our mobile application to make sure that the advertisement is undamaged and that the vehicle is clean.

In order for the driver to meet the standards for the campaign, a minimum of 4,600 km per month on the road in urban areas is required, and the vehicle must be new and undamaged.

We suggest that you hand over promotional materials to our drivers, who transport thousands of people on a daily basis, so that they can familiarize interested clients with your product. Note: drivers are not obliged to participate in the promotion of promotional materials.

Prices depend on the type of a wrap, the duration of the campaign, the number of cars and the budget for digital retargeting. Each offer is tailor-made, so we invite you to contact us at to prepare a non-binding offer.

The minimum requirements include five vehicles and four weeks of campaigning.

Our creative team, in cooperation with the brand's creative agency, prepares materials so that the advertisement on each vehicle has a premium look. The design proposal and preparation for each vehicle is the responsibility of our creative team and is included in the price.

Foil and wrapping are included in the price of the product.